Our Focus Areas


An opportunity to LEARN, GROW AND DEVELOP yourself personally and professionally and Support for navigating the changing demands of leadership by

  •   Providing both inspiration and direction through success stories, workshops and expert advice.
  •   Engaging in interactive sessions and masterclasses with industry stalwarts
  •   Developing capabilities to get on to the boards of companies


An Opportunity to be mentored by leading stalwarts of the industry through:

  •   Mentor-mentee engagement across experience bands
  •   Connecting with mentors from diverse Industry backgrounds
  •   Gaining from time spent with mentors and learning from their experiences

Health & Well-being

Commitment to improving member’s health and emotional wellness through:

  •   Educational and wellness programs
  •   Webinars and Discussions on building resilience
  •   Programs focused on building Resilience & Bouncing Board

Policy & Advocacy

  •   Access to a comprehensive list of initiatives on awareness of women-centric acts & laws, surveys and advocacy reports.
  •   Diversity policy reference document for member organisations.
  •   POSH policy reference document
  •   Women at Work Policy for Industries and for Entrepreneurs.